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Reserving a Date

Please call Mark at (310) 556-8300 or send him an e-mail at, indicating the date you wish to reserve. He is available to answer any questions and to discuss how the mediation process can be tailored to suit an individual party’s needs.

Mediation Fees

Reasonable preparation time and telephone follow-up are included. Fees must be deposited in advance, and are fully refundable until one week before the scheduled mediation. If a hearing date is cancelled with less than a week’s written notice, a $500 cancellation fee is charged to the party(ies) requesting such cancellation. There are never any administrative fees and no charge for travel.

Mediation Briefs

Written briefs are highly recommended. Briefs should summarize the key factual and legal issues in dispute, the procedural background of the case and any settlement discussions that have occurred. Please submit briefs at least three days prior to the mediation, indicating on the first page if they are to be considered confidential.

Attendance at the Mediation

Anyone whose authority or participation is necessary to conclude a settlement should attend the mediation, including the parties and any insurance carrier representatives. If attendance by an insurance representative is impractical, then permission should be obtained to have that individual available by telephone.

Confidentiality Agreement

At the beginning of the mediation session, all participants will be asked to sign Mark’s Mediation and Confidentiality Agreement.

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