Since 2001, Mark Loeterman has successfully mediated over 1,800 litigated cases, concentrating on disputes involving Real Estate, Employment, Business/Contracts and Insurance. A lawyer with more than 30 years of experience, Mark knows that conflicts are seldom black or white, and that in many instances, trial may not be the best way of resolving differences.

In mediation, Mark helps parties to clarify the issues about which they disagree, develop realistic and creative options for settlement, and craft agreements that serve client interests, at a reasonable cost and in a much shorter time than many legal actions.

Whether you need to resolve a contentious lawsuit or close an important deal, Mark is committed to achieving results and providing exceptional professional service.


Real Estate

Real estate is a cornerstone of Mark’s practice. For 20 years, Mark served as General Counsel to California’s largest independently-owned brokerage firm and its affiliated businesses in the real estate industry, including mortgage lending, development, title insurance and escrow services.



Employment continues to be one of the most challenging and rapidly evolving areas of the law. A proliferation of new statutes and cases affecting employee rights and employer responsibilities make the workplace a fertile ground for disputes.


Business / Contracts

Many leading businesses are discovering that mediation can be a powerful tool in resolving disputes early and fairly. In litigation, parties argue over who “breached” and the extent of “damages.” Mediation, however, involves much more than just an analysis of legal issues.



Insurance plays a pivotal role in litigation, making it essential to determine whether coverage exists for a particular claim or loss. The availability of insurance can also affect whether compensation is collected at all, especially if a defendant’s assets are limited.




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